Stories to Share for the Holidays

by Lisa Stamos


People always ask me how we find or choose the stories for the magazine. The answer is that some stories we find—and others find us. Some articles and photo shoots are planned well in advance—like our cover story in this issue—and some rush in at the last minute. We stay closely connected to and involved in the community. Most of our employees live in Barrington. Our children go, or have gone, to school here. We enjoy the local shops, restaurants, and outdoor living all around us. We have great clients to talk with and who share their talents and ideas.

Our recent client mixer at McGonigal’s was great fun and well-attended. In December, our firm is sponsoring the first “Mixer of the Month” ever held at Barrington’s White House along with the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce. It is through these active efforts that our “story well” stays bottomless! When we first opened the magazine in 2005, some folks commented that we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and bring your ideas and suggestions. Many of those suggestions end up in print.

Imagine what has been accomplished in the 80 years of the Barrington Junior Women’s Club. Many longtime residents explain that their lifetime friendships were started at BJWC meetings and service projects—some, decades ago! The women connect, and then their husbands do, too! Women have always played a strong role in developing their community home, and the members of BJWC are worth celebrating each and every year for what they accomplish. Having met many of them years ago, I was inspired to open the QB by hearing of all their work, passion, and energy. They represent the Barrington area with great enthusiasm and their considerable talents being put to work.

In this issue we have wonderful and heartwarming stories about people who bring the best of the human spirit to others. Our Quintessential Person, Jennifer McAndrews, is amazing. Aside from all she does at home, Jennifer is helping the new nonprofit, Let It Be Us, to get the momentum it needs to help Illinois’ foster children find hope, and hopefully, love and a home.

Read about Addie Saliu and his team of helpers who make dinner for hundreds of lonely or forgotten residents. His Blue Heron restaurant becomes filled with activity on Thanksgiving Eve and Day to make portable dinners that are personally delivered to people in nursing homes and other locations.

The larger world and daily news around us can often be negative and deeply concerning. I hope that in the pages ahead you will find joy, encouragement, things to do, and some wonderful stories to brighten your day and remind you that we live in wonderful communities throughout the Barringtons.

Wish warm holiday wishes,


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