Something to Write Home About

by Lisa Stamos


After two years of planning, writing, and editing, we’ve mailed out our Sesquicentennial Special Edition to those who pre-ordered copies. If you missed the pre-order sales, copies are now available to purchase in town (see below).

I wanted to share a few insights with you on the making of this history book. Many towns hire an outside company to produce and print their centennial and other milestone moments as a keepsake book, or expect volunteers to handle the job. It’s not often that a community has a publishing firm like ours to partner with, and we couldn’t be more proud to have had this opportunity to work with the Village of Barrington. We relied on neighboring BACOG communities and our Townships as well, to help pull together accurate and comprehensive information.

The Village of Barrington created a Sesquicentennial Committee several years ago to plan all of the events for this year. The committee also formed a Sesquicentennial Work Group of citizens, who know local history, to create history-focused events and a keepsake book. This team brainstormed the topics to consider and then local author Patty Dowd Schmitz helped organize these numerous topics into chapter themes for the book.

At that point, our staff and extended team began defining the book’s style guide and numerous design and content decisions that prepared the way for hauling in large amounts of data, research, and fact-checking. The next step involved the job of sorting, prioritizing, and connecting information that we could lay over the 150-plus year arc of Barrington’s history. As editor-in-chief of this project, my personal goal was to create a publication that was interesting, accurate, and an enjoyable series of long and short stories. We honored the goal of the Village team—that is, to gather material from Barrington residents as a primary source, and invite them to write chapters. Also important was to include custom art from local artists, including an illustration to define each chapter’s theme that would be appropriate for children, and take all of us to a simpler place and time.

Our special edition advertisers made this publication possible. Please take a moment to recognize them, and thank them for their commitment and thoughtful advertisements.

Our July/August Issue

This, our summer issue, is also made possible by our advertisers. Thanks to them, we are excited to take you inside JourneyCare Foundation’s “The Gala at Tudor Oaks,” our cover story. We also feature interesting stories on Barrington residents who are embracing changes at work and at home.

In this issue, you’ll meet Beth Raseman—our Quintessential Person—whose contributions to the entire community are simply amazing. You might have seen her running around town with building blueprints rolled up under her arm, or with a hardhat on at Barrington’s White House.

There’s so much more to enjoy in the many pages ahead. Have a great summer—and we’ll catch up with you again in September.