Ten Years Strong

by Lisa Stamos


Our 10 year anniversary has been made possible by you. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

QB magazine blazed a trail for the "hyperlocal" media model years before hyperlocal was a buzzword in the industry. Our vision has always held true: produce the finest community-centered magazine possible, lift the community at every turn, and place it firmly on the local level. Ten years of cards, emails, letters, comments, and phone calls from you confirm that Quintessential Barrington is your magazine and one you are proud of (and yes, I’ve kept everything you've sent!). We’ve even been called the “gold standard” of publishing by a global leader.

Publishing is a team sport and we’ve produced this Barrington success story with your help. We are thankful to each and every one of you who support us with your advertising dollars, community partnerships, story ideas, sponsorship opportunities, feedback, creative talents, and readership.

Our company has invested millions of dollars in the Barrington area to bring you high-quality civic journalism – something that is becoming harder to find in mainstream media. Most important, you have provided our team with the opportunity to give back. We look forward with great enthusiasm to the next 10 years as the voice of Barrington. In the meantime, here’s a look back at what we’ve accomplished with your ever-present support.

With thanks,