Grace Notes

by Lisa Stamos


So much of what we enjoy today started with the vision of Barrington’s founders and early settlers. Grace Farm became the Biltmore Country Club that celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. Dressed Roaring Twenties style, members gathered to recreate days gone by with croquet, antique cars, and a festive gala at the club. We captured the event in our cover feature story and send congratulations for their long-term success!

Sustainability—whether that of a country club surviving nine decades, or an honest look how we help others persevere—is a common thread running through this issue. For any organization to last 90 or more years is an accomplishment. Another story raises the sustainability question in this issue. A new nonprofit, Mindful Waste, is tackling food waste. While the need for food banks in our communities becomes greater, this parent-founded group has brought wasted food to our attention, starting at one local school. The work of the parents, students, and schools to target a zero food waste goal brings awareness to our community and addresses the environmental impact of food waste in our landfills.

Barrington’s heroine of kindness and generosity, Freddie Pederson, has quietly helped us preserve open spaces, build a quality of life institution, and meet needs behind the scenes. We honor Freddie in this issue with stories from her colleagues of good deeds that, with her help, have built Barrington into a strong and healthy community.

Our magazine was invited to cover Barrington’s first sustainability forum at the Sanfilippo Estate. Returning QB intern Ariel Majewski reports on some interesting concepts we learned there. Meanwhile, our summer intern program is busy teaching area high school and college students all about media and journalism. You’ll see their work in our back to school issue.

As America celebrates the Fourth of July, there are many opportunities in town for family fun. Check out our calendar of events for details. Also, we hope you enjoy our story on our love of parades in Quintessential America. In Barrington, our Fourth of July parade is second to none. If you’re not watching the parade, you must be in it!

Enjoy the summer!