Creature Comforts

by Lisa Stamos


Welcome to our summer issue, our largest edition yet! Thanks go to all of our outstanding advertisers. We ask that you remember them for quality businesses and services that you may need.

This is an exciting year for Barrington, as big projects dot the landscape and plans are made. Barrington’s White House project will break ground this summer for renovations, thanks to the generosity of donors and contributors to this important community cultural center. Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital’s major renovation project is well underway to secure a bright future in health care. Organizations and businesses are making plans for 2015, the 150th birthday of Barrington. Quintessential Media Group is producing a special commemorative edition, with help from the Village’s 2015 Sesquicentennial Committee.

Summer is a great time to focus on creature comforts, and there are plenty to report on. There’s a four-legged team at work in local health care that you may not know of. On our cover are Reggie, Cooper, Sasha, and Otis, and all are certified animal-assisted therapy dogs. Their owners and the two women who run the programs – at Advocate Good Shepherd, and Journeycare – tell heartwarming tales of the measurable impact these canines make on the job. These happy and gentle creatures bring great comfort and health benefits to patients and everyone they meet.

When it comes to treating animals with care and respect, we have two feature stories to enjoy. Read about Barrington Natural Farms, which is run by a couple who believe in treating their animals respectfully, as well as making sure they are producing the highest-quality foods possible on behalf of their customers. Also, can you believe that Barrington Animal Hospital is 80 years in the making? We joined them for their recent anniversary celebration. Read about their staff and interesting history.

Next door in East Dundee (just 15 minutes down the road) there’s a boom in culinary arts and other creature comforts and events both people and their dogs, too. Take a tour of the historic Anvil Club in the pages ahead, and meet their new team in QB’s feature that showcases recent renovations and a rich, speak-easy like interior.

There’s one person who has brought comfort to many people – some she will never meet – and others she’s helped one-on-one. Sue Randall is our Quintessential Person and for me, it is comforting just to know that people like Sue exist. She’s serious about making a huge difference, but still has the greatest sense of humor in the land. I laughed out loud when I reviewed her story and the insights people shared with us. I hope you enjoy it, too.


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