Hometown Heroes

by Lisa Stamos


What an exciting issue we have for you this summer! Our pages are filled with hometown heroes at the state and national levels, and even some world champions. We are excited to bring the story of the Barrington High School Fillies Soccer team that clinched its first Class 3A State Championship and finished in the top national girls soccer spot in the nation as reported by USA TODAY’s Super 25 rankings for the season. We are so proud of the team, and their coaches and parents for all the hard work and support. The image below says it all for this team that made the commitment to win, and then went on to bring home the first Barrington High School girl’s team win at State in a bracketed sport.

In this issue, enjoy a close-up view of baseball Hall of Famers Frank Thomas and Ryne Sandberg, and Anthony Rizzo of the 2016 Chicago’s World Series Champion Cubs, as well as the Cubs Board Member Todd Ricketts—who rallied in June to support the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation at the Heidner family’s fundraiser in Barrington Hills. What a class act these gentlemen are toward their fans and fundraiser guests!

From the world of championship dog shows and competitions, Rumor, winner of the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show, made an appearance at the Lake County Dog Show in June. This is America’s most prestigious award in the world of pure-bred dogs. Rumor bested nearly 3,000 canines from 202 breeds at Madison Square Garden on February 14 this year. Our contributor and long-time Barrington historian, Barbara Benson, is an avid fan of German Shepherds, has been long involved with competition shows, and is associated with Rumor and her handlers.

Perhaps most endearing are our hometown’s unsung heroes—you know the kind—people who go about their days finding extraordinary ways to help others, but in a quiet manner. Thanks to Barrington Junior Women’s Club, some of those hometown heroes have been recognized through the Character Counts! program. A pair of quiet hometown heroes are Bob Lee and his daughter Laura Horak, who are featured in Quintessential People, where we honor citizens who do a world of good for others. This dynamic duo showcases the best of us who care about our community.

We chose the theme of sustainability for this issue, as a common thread in our pages. Stories range from what it takes to reach a championship in state or national sports and competitions, to the work being done by other important sustainers covered in this issue, such as the Barrington Area Council of Governments, an organization vital to our open spaces, water resources, and long-term self-preservation against encroaching sprawl and development. Read about Smart Farm, a nonprofit that grows produce in Barrington, and donates it to food pantries, ending its season with a harvest dinner you won’t want to miss. Add to that resident John Klaas who is leading the sustainability conversation through an annual forum. What a great way to start the summer, with all this good news. It is with thanks to our fantastic advertisers that I leave you. They make this, the Barrington area’s signature magazine, possible.

Have a wonderful summer,