Garden Delights

Story by Lisa Stamos | Photo: Julie Linnekin


Peggy and Rick Judd transformed their rough and tumble land into a gardener’s paradise

The majestic garden at the Judd’s home in Barrington Hills is really Peggy’s pet project. But her husband, Rick – by his own assertion – is much more involved in picking up whatever she leaves behind, such as mulch, cuttings, pots, tools, and other haphazard remnants of a serious gardener. “I clean up,” he says. Together, they make a great gardening team.

Each spring, says Peggy, is a brand new plant palette for her to paint on. She doesn’t repeat the exact same garden plans, but rather enjoys the trial and error that works in some areas, and then also goes with the tried-and-true designs in other parts. But for the pond, the hard work is predictable.

“We started the garden with the pond,” Peggy says. “It was then a natural expansion effort from there.” She admits the pond work is laborious, but fun and rewarding. Beyond the bridge and across the ravine is the magical trail around the woods, with bronze sculptures and other interesting objects d’art to surprise and delight.

By profession, Peggy is a Registered Nurse, and it’s her nurturing nature that thrives in the dirt. She loves the outdoors and watching things grow all around her, as they take root and bloom. Rick is an investment advisor who often works in the city. Both love to travel, and enjoy Santa Fe and other warm locations. When at home, they can walk out their doors to relax in immense beauty, and even in the winter, hear the trickling of the waterfall as it heads toward the pond.

Yet like all gardeners who have their moments, Peggy and Rick Judd have had their fair share of the big lessons. There was a blight one time with the impatiens, the flooding ravine after it rains, and the suspected minks that ate the fish one time. Not to worry, though. Next year’s gardening plans and improvements will come soon enough.