Quintessential people

A Quintessential People Anniversary

by David Rutter | Photography by Susan McConnell


Quintessential People has been a project we’ve enjoyed producing for the past ten years—and we hope you have enjoyed the feature, too. Our goal, along with photographer Thomas Balsamo as our project partner, is to offer profiles of your friends and neighbors—people whose stories have brought joy and fond memories to us all. Quintessential People is about taking time to get to know the movers and shakers, the quiet achievers, and the personal journeys, milestones, and honest challenges in life that we all face. For this special Sesquicentennial year in Barrington, it seemed the perfect moment for a look back.


Publisher’s Note: Quintessential People™ is a heartfelt collaboration between our publication and portrait artist Thomas Balsamo. Our goal is to share with you exceptional images and words that ring true about some of the finest, most inspiring people in the community. For more information about Quintessential People™, contact QB or Thomas Balsamo (Portraits by Thomas) at 847-381-7710 or www.portraitsbythomas.com